Price List

(All prices for normal machine work, custom or unusual work extra. All prices are subject to change without notice. Price will increase on rush jobs.)
 Heads     Block   
 Assemble Heads time    Hone  $140-V8; $110-V6;  $80-4 cyl
 Glass Bead $30 each    Hone (Plates)  $155-V8; $125-V6; $95-44 cyl
 Cut $45 each    Clearance Block for Stroker $100
 Pressure Test $45 each    Tap & Debur  Block $100
 Hydra Clean $35 each    Install Cam Bearings & Freeze Plugs $50
 Performance Valve Job $180-16v &up; $145-12v; $120-8v    Mock-Up & Set Deck Height $125
 Valve Job (Stock) $140-16v & up; $120 -12v; $90-8v    Assemble Short Block $600-V8; $500-V6; $400 4 Cyl
 CC Chamber $25 each    Assemble Complete Engine $1000-V8; $850-V6; $700-4 cyl
 Set-Up Springs $85    Bore $20 per hole
 Install New Valve Guides  $5 each    Deck $150-V8 & V6; $85-4 cyl
 Install Bronze Guides $7.75 each    Align Hone $180
 Hone Valve Guides $5 each    Cook Block $85
 Mill Heads to CC $65 per head    4 Bolt Cap Conversion $340 + Parts
 Machine for O.S. Intake Valve $150 per head    Sonic Test $80
 Machine for O.S. Exhaust Valve $150 per head    Sleeve Lifter Bores $400 + Parts
 Machine for Teflon Seals $50 per head    Mag Block $90
Machine spring seats $50 per head   Hone Lifter Bore $20
 Install Seats $20 per seat    Thermo Clean Block and Shot Blast $100
 Machine for Screw in Studs $80 per head    Sleeve Cylinder $80
 Port Match Gaskets $75 per head    Tear Down Engine $100
 Bowl Blend $150 per head    Crankshafts  
 Street Port & Polish $600-V8; $500-V6 & 4 cyl.    Polish & Mic $40
 Flow Bench work time    Grind Casting Flaws $48
 Flow One port $35   Magnaflux $60
 Port  Match Intake Manifold $150    Balance Call for price
 Pistons And  Rods      Drill and Tap Crank Snout $80
 Press Pistons On (New) $40 per set   Knife Edge Crank $130
 Press Pistons Off $25 per set   Flywheel Resurfacing  
 Hone Pistons Pins $28 per set   Flat Flywheel $45
 Glass Bead $24 per set   Step Flywheel $65
 Radius Domes $64 per set   Truck Flywheel $90
 Resize Rods $13 per rod + bolts   Dual Mass Flywheel  $175
 Check Alignment (bent or twisted) $32      
 Polish Side Beams $10 per rod      
 Lighten Pistons $10 per piston      
 Lighten Rods $10 per rod      
 Balance Piston & Rod Assembly $100      
 Complete Rod Recondition $128-V; $102-V6; $76-4 cyl  (All plus rod bolts)      
 Mag Rods $40      
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